Exion Asia Selects Slimstock As Their Partner For Inventory Optimisation

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Exion Asia, a leading engineering company and provider of flow control solutions, has chosen Slimstock’s Slim4 software to help better manage the inventory at its warehouse in Singapore.

Slim4 will enable Exion Asia to provide higher service levels, reduced working capital, minimized risk of obsolescence, and more efficient planning and purchasing processes. As a result, Exion Asia will minimize inventory costs while still improving service to their customers.

Exion Asia is part of the Netherlands-based Pon family of companies, many of which already collaborate with Slimstock.

At the on-site kick-off meeting, Melvin Ong, Deputy Managing Director at Exion Asia said, “At Exion Asia we would like to improve our product availability while minimizing our stock levels. Slim4 allows us to manage our inventory at the item level and replenish more frequently. This will eventually make a huge difference for us.”

In the process of working with Exion Asia, Slimstock analyzed the company’s data to get a picture of potential improvement areas as well as pain points of their inventory management situation. Before agreeing on the implementation, an extensive feasibility study was completed. The company currently operates with an assortment of nearly 90,000 SKUs.

“After a first meeting, Slimstock prepared a demo with our own data to give us an idea of what Slim4 could do for us. This already showed promising results. As a result, we decided to continue working on a business case where we balanced the benefits and costs of using Slim4. Throughout the process, Slimstock helped us in a very professional way.”

– Rowena Trapal, Supply Chain Manager at Exion Asia

Exion Asia will reap benefits of the implementation from the get-go, and expects to recover its investment within the year. Furthermore, the two companies are now exploring the potential ben-efits of implementing Slim4 at Exion Asia’s warehouses in Malaysia.

Erik de Witte, Operations Director for South-East Asia at Slimstock concluded: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Exion Asia team, and we look forward to a long term continued partnership. Cutting edge, forward thinking companies like Exion Asia make for ideal partners for Slimstock as they truly understand the full potential that technology can deliver in streamlining inventory management.”

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