As Europe’s leading independent manufacturer, wholesaler and distributors of aftermarket air brake and vehicle control system components, supply chain innovation has always been at the centre of European Braking Systems’ (EBS) success. However, to underpin the business’ ambitious 5-year objective to grow substantially, the automotive braking specialist has joined forces with inventory optimisation experts, Slimstock, to launch a major supply chain initiative focusing on enhancing visibility and control across their extensive operation.

Since 2000, EBS has strived to provide customers with a sustainable supply chain for top quality aftermarket components. Committed to the advancement of braking technology, EBS invest heavily into R&D and their own-brand range of components has helped the businesses to establish itself as one of the world’s leading airbrake manufacturers.

Furthermore, with a range of over 25,000 items ranging from their own “EBS” branded product and market leading manufacturers including Haldex, Knorr Bremse and Wabco, EBS offer one of the most unique assortments of air brake and related components available in the market. This combination of unrivalled product choice coupled with the team’s extensive knowledge and technical expertise has helped EBS to set its self apart from the competition.

As part of a wider focus on optimising business performance, the team at EBS will implement Slimstock inventory management solution, Slim4. Chris Roberts, purchasing manager at EBS explains: “To continue growing at our current planned rate, it is vital that we exploit every possible opportunity to drive efficiency improvements across our operation. Given Slimstock’s experience in the aftermarket sector, I have no doubt they are the right partners to help us professionalise our approach to inventory management.”

Following the successful implementation of a new warehouse management system, the braking specialist will implement Slim4 to help manage the growing complexity of their operation. Focusing initially on the central distribution centre in Manchester, the planning team at EBS will utilise Slim4 to help forecast demand across their extensive range before rolling the solution across their other locations.

Chris Roberts goes on to add: “Slim4 will provide us with the visibility we need to reduce planning errors and improve the time efficiency of our inventory management processes. Ultimately, by reducing excess stock and improving availability, we will be better positioned to satisfy the needs of our customers”.

“As a business that understands and appreciates the importance of supply chain innovation as much as we do at Slimstock, we look forward to building a lasting partnership with European Breaking Systems.” concludes Richard Evans, managing director at Slimstock UK.