DSV Global Transport & Logistics, a logistics services provider with subsidiaries in more than 80 countries, has signed a partnership with Slimstock as their preferred inventory optimisation software provider. DSV has a dedicated team of inventory optimisation specialists that has been improving supply chain performance for their customers for over 13 years. Slimstock’s software and supply chain knowledge will be used to support DSV’s inventory optimisation team in assisting their customers with their inventory management processes and helping them improve their supply chain performance.

“Customers nowadays demand more of us than just warehousing, order fulfilment and distribution. They need a logistics partner that takes on responsibilities throughout the supply chain, including optimisation of stock levels. This strategic partnership stems from a years-long relationship between our 2 companies and underlines our commitment to deliver inventory optimisation as an integral part of our service offering” says Meinderdjan Botman, Chief Commercial Officer at DSV Solutions.

Eric van Dijk, CEO of Slimstock, has high expectations for the partnership with DSV. “Many companies struggle with inventory management and their role within the supply chain. Together with DSV, we developed a quick scan to calculate the improvement potential for DSV’s customers. Based on this analysis we can help companies to improve their supply chain performance. At Slimstock we already do this for about 1.000 companies worldwide.”

First automotive customer ready to roll

DSV’s first customer that will be using Slimstock’s software is a car dealership based in South Africa. They work with such brands as Hyundai, Opel, Isuzu, Renault, Suzuki and Volkswagen. The company has outsourced its logistics operations to the local DSV subsidiary. In a pilot project, DSV will start to manage and improve the inventories for them by using the software from Slimstock.