Diogo Forte interview: “I knew Slimstock could offer me the scope I needed to succeed.”

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As Europe’s leading inventory management specialist, Slimstock places a huge focus on developing up and coming talent: a key part of which is the company’s Young Professionals Programme. This intensive development programme is designed to help young professionals gain exposure to the real life industry challenges that supply chain professionals are faced with on a daily basis.

Since joining Slimstock in December 2014 as a supply chain analyst, Diogo Forte has taken full advantage of Slimstock’s Young Professional Scheme.  During his time with the company, Diogo has had the opportunity to support the inventory management processes of some of the UK’s leading businesses. During this brief interview, Diogo shares his experience so far of working at one of Europe’s leading supply chain specialists.

What is your background and what inspired you to pursue a career in supply chain management?

While completing a master degree in transportation engineering at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, I developed a real interest in supply chain management. As part of my master’s programme, I was presented with the opportunity to take part in a logistics project. After seeing some of the major supply chain challenges that businesses today must overcome in order to survive, I started pursuing career opportunities in this fascinating field.

Why did you choose Slimstock?

After exploring a number of opportunities in the industry, it quickly became apparent that Slimstock was a real leading light in the field of inventory management. Boasting over 600 customers across the globe, I knew Slimstock could offer me the scope I needed to succeed. After meeting with Richard Evans, Director of Slimstock UK, it was clearly evident that Slimstock was fully committed to developing talent in all areas of supply chain management. Needless to say, as soon as Richard offered me a position as a supply chain analyst, I eagerly accepted.

What have you been involved in so far?

Slimstock has a very clear vision for its young professionals programme: give people the freedom and support to build upon their areas of expertise. Since starting my career at Slimstock I have had the chance to work on a number of different projects including everything from pre-sales analysis to post-live support. Given the nature of my role at Slimstock, there is no questioning that I can make a significant contribution towards both the success of Slimstock and its customers.

Talent development at Slimstock

As a company that takes great pride in develop young, up and coming talent, Slimstock works hard to find the most talented professionals to join the team. Want to join our Toptalent Programme?

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