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Carrefour takes control of the replenishment of their 630 stores with Slim4


The Turkish branch of the Carrefour supermarket chain, Carrefour S.A., has recently implemented Slimstock’s inventory management solution, Slim4, to optimise inventory across all of their stores. With 6 DCs and 630 stores located across Turkey, Slim4 optimises both the inventory at the central distribution centres as well the replenishment of the stores.

From major hyper market stores with over 50,000 SKUs to smaller supermarkets, convenience stores and speciality shops, Carrefour S.A. offers a range of formats in Turkey. However, with 12 million SKUs in total, planners must ensure that products are distributed from the DC’s to the stores effectively. With the support of Slim4, Carrefour can now calculate the optimal order point for each product and location.

Extensive selection procedure

The team at Carrefour were searching for a solution to optimise their inventory and drive the replenishment process. However, it was important that the tool was compatible with the retailers existing SAP ERP system. Following an extensive selection procedure, Carrefour S.A. decided to go ahead with Slimstock’s inventory management software, Slim4.

First results visible

With the support of both the team at Slimstock and Selco, the local partner of Slimstock in Turkey, Slim4 was successfully implemented earlier this year. As highlighted by Önder Kaplancik, IT director at Carrefour S.A., the results are already visible with increased in-store availability: “We are very pleased with the way the project has taken place so far.” Önder continues: “Carrefour S.A. is open to referrals from other retailers and hopes that Slimstock can expand its presence in Turkey.”

Slimstock: Internationally active in Retail

Slimstock specialises in helping supermarket chains and other retailers around the world optimise their inventory. Slim4 is designed to optimise both stock in the central distribution centre and inventory in stores. Internationally, there are references in France, England, Spain, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Panama and Singapore, amongst others.

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