Boshart Industries has gone through a rigorous process of selecting the right inventory optimization partner. The preference was to select a best-in-class solution as Boshart continues their journey towards supply chain excellence. While shedding light on the selection process, the company’s Sr. Manager Operations (Head of Purchasing), Murray Dickson, said, “While investigating for the finest inventory optimization solution, we came across several options, but Slimstock stood out as it offers just the right mix of expertise, experience and technical robustness of inventory optimization for our business. As a leading master distributor and manufacturer, Boshart Industries carries high expectations from its solution partners. Murray further added,

“Slimstock has a deep understanding of the business dynamics in our industry and how to align inventory optimization with the strategic business objectives.”

Boshart Industries offers top quality and functionally critical products to the water well and PVF industry. As a market leader, our mandate is to provide best-in-class products and give the confidence to our customers that we will maintain high service levels and stock availability. Our vision is to minimize the impact of disruptions from the supply chain while also having full visibility and capability to fulfill high demand. Julie Storey, President of Boshart, shared her views about the new partnership “At Boshart Industries, customer service is one of our main priorities. Achieving high fill rates is becoming an uphill task in our industry as planning is getting more complex due to uncertain lead times, shifting demand patterns, and increasing customer expectations. With all these moving parts, we wanted a clockwork solution for us, keeping in perspective all demand and supply parameters. Slimstock has a very holistic solution that provides full coverage from inventory optimization and customer satisfaction perspectives.”

The Project Management team at Boshart Industries had a critical decision at hand. The company was expecting smooth change management and integrations while migrating to the new ERP. However, Slimstock provided the team with a roadmap that ascertained that the purchasing and inventory management processes would stay uninterrupted during the migration. This led the team to prioritize Slim4’s implementation with the departing ERP while ensuring that the transition to the new ERP would be seamless.

Ludovic Magne, Slimstock Canada’s Country Manager, reflected upon this new partnership: “Boshart Industries addition to our portfolio is a testament to the value we deliver in the water well and PVF industry in Canada – but also globally. Even more so today than before, there are tremendous opportunities for distributors and wholesalers in Canada to mature their inventory optimization and demand planning process. We are committed to continuing helping Canadian wholesalers with our best resources and ever-evolving solution to turn their supply chain into an asset which will help them thrive in the future.”

About Boshart Industries:


Established in 1955, Boshart Industries is a Global Master Distributer and Manufacturer supporting plumbing, water well, industrial, HVAC, waterworks, irrigation and pool & spa industries. They sell to Wholesale distributors and are proud to offer industry-leading products.