New Zealand’s leading foodservice partner, Bidfood, with more than 2,200 employees across 17 regional locations, has embarked on a transformational journey to improve the efficiency of its supply chain. Faced with challenges around manual forecasting, Bidfood aims to reduce overstock and raise service levels.

To overcome these obstacles, Bidfood NZ has chosen Slimstock’s supply planning platform, Slim4. This solution will allow Bidfood to manage supplier diversity, volatile lead times, and complex product assortments. The platform’s exception-based alerts ensure a proactive approach to supply chain planning, allowing Bidfood to focus on key business priorities: delivering world-class service.

The decision to opt for Slim4 follows its successful implementation in other global business units, such as the Netherlands, the UK, and the MEA region. Brian Adshead, GM National Procurement at Bidfood NZ, highlights: “The unparalleled visibility offered by Slim4 and its specific capabilities in exception management were key factors in our choice.”

Brian concludes: “The adoption of Slim4 represents a significant step forward for Bidfood in our ongoing quest for service excellence. This platform gives us greater control and agility in our supply chain, delivering on our vision to provide everything our customers need to create culinary magic.”


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