Astro Lighting partners with Slimstock to reduce inventory levels and enhance overall operations

Astro Lighting

With a global presence spanning over 90 countries, Astro Lighting aims to improve its service levels and inventory visibility, and to minimise manual labour. Renowned for its minimalist aesthetic and its commitment to producing superior products, Astro Lighting has been recognised with prestigious accolades such as the RedDot Award, the Archiproduct Design Award, and the Queen’s Award for International Trade.

Astro Lighting is committed to enhancing its operations

Astro Lighting has been actively striving to enhance its operations, facing challenges in effectively managing its extensive range and constantly evolving, exclusive design collections. Astro Lighting encountered difficulties in identifying seasonal demand patterns and forecast outliers. The sourcing team devoted a significant amount of time to manual supply chain management, prompting the company to seek a solution that could maintain balanced inventory levels, while still meeting its service level commitments.

Adrienne Dory, Head of Procurement at Astro Lighting, affirms, “As we deliver our plan for accelerated growth, Slimstock will help us to manage our stock while maintaining our service level commitment to our customers across the globe”.

Slimstock as an accompanying partner in the evolution process

In Slimstock, Astro Lighting has found a reliable and comprehensive partner to address its inventory challenges and achieve its ambitious objectives. The collaboration involves leveraging Slim4 and the software’s sophisticated statistical formulas, which utilise historical data to accurately calculate inventory reductions without compromising service level commitments.

With over 30 years of experience in assisting more than 1,300 companies worldwide, Slimstock’s forecasting engine will enable Astro Lighting’s sourcing team to focus on valuable items and areas crucial to the business. Adrienne Dory further adds, “The clean and logical setup of the platform and its principle of ‘manage by exception’ will enable our team to work more efficiently, giving us additional time to focus on those exceptions”.

A complete project, from planning to execution

Once Slim4 is implemented, Astro Lighting plans to incorporate Slimstock’s S&OP module to further enhance operational structure, visibility and robustness. S&OP is a supply chain planning methodology that aims to create a unified, consensus-based business plan between management, operations, sales, marketing and all areas involved in the supply chain. This module, along with the platform’s Business Intelligence layer, enables comprehensive reporting, which provides operational visibility to facilitate better decision-making. For Astro Lighting, this step towards operational excellence, in conjunction with Slimstock’s expertise and BI capabilities, represents the key to achieving seamless operations from start to finish.

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