Arcansas Profili, a renowned manufacturer of profiles for wall and floor coverings, hygienic fittings, flooring, and DIY hardware products, has decided to transform its supply chain operations and demand planning process by adopting Slimstock’s innovative platform, Slim4. This strategic move aims to promote collaboration among company departments, align market trends with the company’s strategic vision, improve efficiency, and strengthen the company’s commitment to delivering top-notch products and excellent customer service.

With first-rate manufacturing facilities in Italy, Arcansas Profili has been synonymous with Italian craftsmanship for over three decades. The company needed to unify its end-to-end supply chain to support its continued growth.

Lidia De Bernardi, Order to Delivery Manager at Arcansas Profili, explained the need for change, stating, “Our goal has always been to offer high-quality products with an industry-leading standard of service. However, it became clear that a transformative change in our approach to supply chain planning was necessary to secure our long-term success.”

To address this challenge, Arcansas Profili has partnered with Slimstock. By integrating Slimstock’s supply chain planning platform, Slim4, Arcansas Profili aims to empower its team with a sophisticated tool, enhancing visibility and control across the entire supply chain.

Slim4 platform will significantly impact Arcansas’ operations, facilitating enhanced collaboration among its internal teams and automating routine supply chain processes.

Lorenzo Tinti, Export Manager at Arcansas Profili, adds, “Slimstock will play a pivotal role in helping us accelerate our digital demand planning and supply chain transformation, improving the speed of the decision-making process and enhancing the service level to clients.”