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Aqualisa turn up the pressure on the competition


For more than 40 years, Aqualisa has been at the forefront of cutting-edge shower production, design and innovation. To help further optimise their highly sophisticated supply chain and solidify their market leading position, the shower specialist has partnered with Slimstock to help maximise customer service.

Since the business’ conception in 1977, Aqualisa has always strived to understand what it truly means to have a great shower. From their state of the art manufacturing facilities in Kent, the shower specialist has pioneered many of the developments that define the way the UK showers. Today, these cutting-edge solutions are evident across their award-winning product range.

The only rival to their passion for innovation is their commitment to customer service. As part of this focus, the decision to implement Slimstocks inventory management solution Slim4 will enhance supply chain visibility and better position the team to mitigate issues before they hit the customer.

“Whilst we pride ourselves on our excellent engineering and manufacturing standards, our business is about more than just showering technology; We strive to ensure that our customers enjoy the best possible service,” explains Mira Balac, Supply Chain Director.

“In a supply chain such as Aqualisa’s, it is essential that visibility across all elements is maximised in order to optimise inventory of both finished goods and raw materials. As we embark upon this project, we look forward to establishing a lasting partnership with a business that values innovation as much as we do at Slimstock,” concludes Richard Evans, Managing Director at Slimstock UK.

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