Adore Beauty Transforms its Supply Chain To Drive Sustained Growth


Australia’s leading online beauty retailer, Adore Beauty, has embarked upon a major supply chain transformation project. With ambitious growth objectives the online retailer partnered with Slimstock to help revolutionise its supply chain.

Launched from a garage in Melbourne in the early 2000s, Adore Beauty has grown from a start-up operation to an ASX-listed company. As a result of this success, the businesses needed more robust processes to support further growth while delivering the exceptional customer service customers have come to expect.

As Australia’s longest-running online beauty store, the company recognises the importance of maintaining operational efficiency. Taking steps to automate the supply chain is a strategic priority to avoid overstocking and locking up valuable capital in inventory.


Adore Beauty And Slimstock Partnership


Why Slimstock

Adore Beauty’s supply chain team is well aware of the inherent challenges associated with manual reporting. Working with spreadsheets is not only time-consuming but also susceptible to errors. Furthermore, ineffective decision-making can cause costly inventory issues throughout its warehouses.

“We conducted a thorough review with several vendors. Slimstock offered a comprehensive list of solutions in line with our business needs”

Matthew Mantell | Head of Planning & Supply Chain | Adore Beauty

To resolve these challenges, Adore Beauty partnered with Slimstock to help optimise its supply chain. As part of the beauty retailer’s transformation, Adore Beauty will implement Slimstock’s supply chain planning platform, Slim4. By allowing the planning team to automate routine workflows, Slim4 will help the retailer to create efficiency gains throughout its operation.

What’s Next

In the coming months, Slimstock’s consultants will work closely with Adore Beauty’s supply chain team to implement Slim4 throughout the organisation.

Additionally, Adore Beauty will leverage the benefits of the Slim4 platform to mature its approach to S&OP, aligning sales forecasts with operational plans to establish a comprehensive management process.

Through this partnership and the integration of Slimstock’s Slim4 platform, Adore Beauty can make faster and more intelligent supply chain decisions. Ultimately, the transformation project will enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen the business’s position as a leading online beauty retailer in Australia.


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