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What can you expect?

The Inventory Masterclass brings together theory and best-practice to help board members and supply chain leaders identify, prioritise and execute optimisation initiatives. After completing this course, you will know exactly where the improvement potential exists within your organisation. More importantly, you will know how to build a winning strategy to exploit these opportunities.

The first two days of this programme are dedicated to learning the underpinning theory of effective inventory management. After which, you will embark upon a practical assignment designed to help you apply your knowledge within the context of your business.

On the final day, you will present your strategy to your peers. Using this open forum to collaborate & share ideas, you will leave this training programme with a concrete improvement plan that you can implement immediately within your organisation.

Learning goals

Strategic assortment management
  • Interpret and apply the ABC/XYZ analysis
  • Understand the influence of safety stock and reorder points
  • Determine the optimal service level
Understand article characteristics
  • Identify different types of sales patterns & demand classes
  • Understand the role of stocking policies
  • Understand the influence of Product Life Cycle
Importance of master data maintenance
  • Understand the basic parameters & their purpose
  • Determine ownership of the parameters
  • Understand the importance of periodic review of master data
Communicating KPIs
  • Sharing performance metrics throughout the business
  • Using data to improve performance

Programme details

The Masterclass spans 3 days & covers the following topics:

Day 1
  • Quantitate & qualitative inventory analysis
  • Inventory strategy matrix
  • ABC/XYZ analysis
  • Demand & supply variations
  • Supplier performance management
Day 2
  • Ordering & inventory holding costs
  • Determine batch sizes
Day 3
  • Presentation and review of practical assignment


The Inventory Management Masterclass is designed for supply chain professionals with a Bachelor’s degree (HBO) certification or relevant experience in a management or supply chain leadership role.


The course fees for the Inventory Management Masterclass are £ 6,000, per person excluding VAT.

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