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What can you expect?

In this course, you will learn the ins & outs of effective inventory management. After completing this course, you will understand both the importance of inventory and the environmental factors that influence your inventory requirements.

You will learn how to analyse supply chain data. You will discover how to use these insights to build concrete inventory optimisation strategies. Furthermore, you will be able to monitor performance & take corrective steps to hit your business goals.

Learning goals

The role of inventory
  • Understand the strategic importance of inventory within your organisation
Managing inventory
  • Identify the purpose of inventory strategy
Analysing your inventory position
  • Gain valuable insight into your inventory performance
Operational control
  • Understand the role and the position of the planning team within the wider business

Programme details

This course takes place over 4 days & covers the following topics:

Day 1: Inventory 101
  • The importance of inventory
  • The functions of inventory
  • Understanding inventory costs
Day 2: Inventory management
  • Understanding inventory strategy
  • Order and inventory holding costs
  • Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
  • The influence of ordering on inventory levels
  • The impact of service levels
  • Managing internal & external variables
  • Forecasting
Day 3: Inventory analysis
  • Gaining insight into your inventory
  • Understand the purpose of ABC analysis
  • Perform ABC analysis
Day 4: Operational control
  • The role & position of the planning team
  • Identify inventory stakeholders
  • Recognise inventory management responsibilities
  • Understand the Multi-echelon environment
  • Appy supplier management strategies
  • Identify your key KPIs


Some knowledge of inventory management is desired but not necessary. Knowledge of your business and its processes will support the learning process. Non-Slim4 users with an interest in inventory management are also welcome.

The training concludes with an exam. On successful completion of the exam, the participant will receive a certificate.


The costs to participate in the inventory management course are £1,800 excl. VAT per person, including teaching materials

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