Optimizing the Human Component of S&OP: Conflict, Consensus and Collaboration

Thursday 18-08-2022
15:00-16:00 ET
Peter Malling

Peter Malling

Country Manager Danmark

Optimizing the Human Component of S&OP: Conflict, Consensus and Collaboration

As S&OP is a process that strives to engage stakeholders from across the enterprise, it can often be cumbersome to reconcile the many opposing views on what forecasts, inventory or supply should be. This conflict can lead to challenges maintaining the process in the long term. Although software alone does not resolve conflicts, its structured and unbiased approach to S&OP and data analytics can be essential in resolving them.

In this webinar, Jonathon Karelse from NorthFind Management and Danny Bloem from Slimstock Canada will discuss:

  1. How to embrace healthy conflict in S&OP
  2. How to redefine your expectations of what “consensus” actually looks like
  3. How technology can be leveraged to help facilitate collaboration.


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