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Devenez un véritable leader de la Supply Chain grâce à notre programme “Top Talent”.

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Vous approchez des dernières étapes de votre master en gestion de la Supply Chain, en gestion opérationnelle ou en économie ? Vous avez une ambition sans limite ? Si oui, vous êtes le candidat idéal pour le programme “Top Talent” de Slimstock !

Avec des possibilités d’embauche tout au long de l’année, vous rejoindrez 6 à 10 jeunes diplômés dans le cadre d’un programme de carrière accéléré. Le programme “Top Talent” vous permettra de développer vos connaissances et vos compétences personnelles en devenant un spécialiste au sein de nos équipes de consultants en SUpply Chain, de vente ou de développement. Vous bénéficierez d’un encadrement et d’un mentorat personnels approfondis.

Votre parcours commencera au sein de notre équipe commerciale où vous jouerez un rôle crucial dans les projets actifs de Clients et de prospects. Au cours de votre première année chez Slimstock, votre équipe vous aidera à explorer vos points forts afin de déterminer le meilleur parcours professionnel pour vous.

1ère année

In your first year of the Top Talent Programme, the focus is on three important pillars: practical experience, personal development and projects. This allows you to gain the knowledge and experience that lay the foundation for your career within Slimstock

Practical Experience

You will work alongside either a senior consultant, (pre)sales consultant, a developer or our support department.

How long you will work with a colleague will depend on the duration and scope of the ongoing projects and your interests. In any case, you will start by shadowing a consultant before playing an increasingly active role with increasing responsibilities.


Top Talent Course

Internal training

You will build an intimate knowledge of our supply chain optimisation solution, Slim4. You will learn all the ins & outs of Slim4 and in no time, you will be able to use it like a pro.

During the training, you will complete a range of exercises. You will gain exposure to all of Slim4’s features and functionalities as you learn how to implement Slim4 at a customer. You will also take part in Slimstock’s Academy sessions to enrich your knowledge about the supply chain environment.

Personal Development

In Addition to gaining practical experience, it is important to take time for self-study. During the self-study hours, you will have the opportunity to process your acquired knowledge and dive deeper into the subject matter. There are many colleagues and documents on hand to help you with this!

2ème année

After completing the first year of the Top Talent Program, you will start your specialisation. Based on the knowledge you have acquired and your experience at Slimstock so far, you will determine the direction of your career at Slimstock.  Your development path will encompass any of the following specialisations: consultancy, development or sales.


Top Talent Programme

Specialist training

Regardless of the direction, you decide to go in, acquiring product knowledge and being involved during implementations remains key.

During the second year, you will continue to receive both software and subject-related training. Your personal development is extremely important. For this reason, we will work with you to ensure your training enriches both your talents and your preference for a certain specialisation.

In addition, during the second year as a Top Talent, you also support our clients with interim assignments. This will allow you to gain invaluable experience as a Slim4 user. Depending on your specialisation, you may also play a professional role within the Slimstock Academy.

We offer our knowledge and support in more than 50 countries around the world, which also means that you have the opportunity to gain international experience. Depending on your specialisation, qualities and ambitions, you can conquer a place in our dynamic team. Anywhere in the world.

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