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What can you expect?

Safety stock exists to safeguard your operation from risk. In this Masterclass, you will learn the function of safety stock and what factors influence it. At the end of the safety stock Masterclass, you understand how to anticipate potential supply chain disruption and calculate the optimal level of safety stock to maintain service to your customers.

Learning goals

Understand how to manage demand volatility
Understand how to manage supply volatility
Understand inventory cost
Understand the impact of service levels
Apply the safety stock formula

Programme details

This training course takes place over one day & covers the following topics:

The impact of demand uncertainty
Determining and calculating the coefficient of variation
Supply uncertainty and calculating the deviation
Determining and calculating service levels
Variations of the safety stock formula


The masterclass is designed for Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain managers with responsibility for safety stock decisions at the tactical level.

The Masterclass is at HBO level. An understanding of statistics is required to succeed in this masterclass.


The course fees for the safety stock Masterclass are £1,200 per person excl. VAT

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