Inventory Management Solutions in Technology Components Hoenderdaal Fasteners

Industry-leading service Set the standard in availability as you minimize supply chain costs

Optimize your entire assortment to reduce costs, free up cash & build a more profitable operation.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Prevent stockouts & backorders to offer customers total reliability

Take into account emerging trends, evolving product lifecycles & key customer orders to build more robust forecasts. Perfectly synchronize supply & demand to guarantee flawless availability as you prevent lost sales, excess & waste.

Boost efficiency

Streamline supply chain processes to attain operational excellence

Automate inventory processes to quickly & accurately plan thousands of SKUs. Eliminate firefighting with responsive exception-based workflows that help your team focus their time where it matters most.

Cut costs

Free up cash tied up in stock & reduce operational costs

Balance inventory throughout your network to maintain consistently high availability as you free up cash tied up in stock. Optimize purchase orders with data-driven insights taking into account supplier calendars, freight cost & demand volatility.

Salto Systems

“Thanks to the simplicity of Slim4, a single planner can now manage the entire assortment.”

Santiago Estevas

Operations Director | Salto Systems

Our technical & multi-metal customers typically enjoy the following results:









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