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Improve customer satisfaction Boost availability to offer a truly customer-centric experience

Overcome market volatility, high promotional pressure & ever-evolving consumer behavior to hit service level targets with less stock.

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Improve efficiency

Automate planning for your entire assortment

Utilize AI to automatically detect seasonal spikes, demand anomalies & promotional uplifts. Dynamically adjust inventory levels for thousands of SKUs with minimal manual intervention – saving time and money.

Enhance visibility

Responsive forecasting for fast & effective decision-making

Take into account specific demand profiles, emerging trends and key customer orders to quickly build robust forecasts for every item. Instantly explore multiple scenarios to determine the best course of action to fulfill demand on time, in full.

Increase your profitability

Boost sales through better availability as you cut costs

Dynamically replenish inventory throughout your network to guarantee flawless availability on the products that matter most. Automatically apply the optimal inventory policy to attain the best possible level of service as you minimize excess & obsolescence.

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“Slim4 has provided us with a whole new level of visibility.”

Lee Kidger

Managing Director

Our consumer products customers typically enjoy the following results:









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