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Team Update

Get to know the Slimstock team. Our amazing employees are the backbone of our business. Spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with them and find out who’s new to the gang!

Sheik Kamara

Sheik Round

As an implementation consultant my first contact with a customer is at the beginning of a new project, be this an existing customer adding new functionality or a new customer starting their Slim4 journey. My primarily goal is to ensure that Slim4 is correctly configures and utilised by our customers With the support of the wider team, we manage your project and remain your first point of contact until project completion. Our passion is ensuring you, and your team, are actively using Slim4 to achieve your inventory goals.




Jessie Cooper

Jessie SquareMy role is project administrator and I work alongside the Project Delivery team. I am responsible for the planning of projects and ensuring the team are on top of the documentation and administrative tasks associated to consultancy projects. My day to day tasks can vary from planning meetings internally, assigning consultants to new or existing customer projects and ensuring all project documentation is up-to-date. I like keep a close eye on the projects from start to finish, checking the progression on a regular basis and ensuring that we are delivering what we promised.



Alan Wickham

Alan Square

My role is a Helpdesk Engineer.  I work the early shift, coming in at 7am to pick up any problems that might have happened overnight with overnight processes.  During the day I respond to client emails and telephone calls to get systems up and running. Working on the Helpdesk Team allows me to combine my technical and communication skills which allows me to support customers into using their Slim4 more productively.  I look forward to speaking with you and supporting you.



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Will Severn

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