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Supply chain infographic: How agile is your supply chain?

As dog enthusiasts start preparing for Crufts 2020, the world’s greatest dog show continues to inspire animal lovers all over the UK!

With more and more of us aiming to win best in the show, the weekly spend on pet accessories and food in the UK has risen by an impressive 31% in just two years. While consumers cut back on everything else, it seems that pet owners still want to ensure their beloved animals receive only the best.

However, to keep dog lovers and their pampered pooches happy, businesses across the pet sector need to remain in the top paw-sition when it comes to customer satisfaction. But to stay ahead of the pack, businesses have to invest in their supply chain.

After all, from managing inventory across a growing number of channels to responding to ever-more demanding customer expectations, retailers, wholesalers & manufacturers and businesses must strive to ensure their operations are as efficient and effective as possible.

Achieving supply chain excellence is no walk in the park

Supply chain teams have to jump through lots of hoops to ensure a successful supply chain. However, by helping businesses to optimise their approach to forecasting, demand planning and inventory management, we help businesses across the pet sector to maximise the performance of their operation.

To highlight the key areas businesses our team of experts focus on, we have put together an inventory management agility course. In this supply chain infographic, we explore how the kennel club s favourite brands realise their full potential with our best of breed solution, Slim4.

Download our supply chain infographic today!

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