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ADVANCED SUPPLY CHAIN TACTICS Set the foundation for a more efficient supply chain

Adopt the right tactics to improve customer service, unlock working capital, eliminate waste & minimise risk.

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Our customers typically attain the following results:


Less expedited costs


Less waste


Less stock outs


Stock turn improvement

“With Slim4, we can utilise business rules to ensure the time we now spend planning our inventory is focused. As a result, we can offer better service to our customers at a lower cost. Furthermore, our stock turn is now at least 40% better than some of our competitors.”
Cees Filippo
CEO | BouwCenter Filippo
“Our approach to inventory management is now far more structured. By taking into account all economic factors, Slim4 offers the right support for making informed purchasing decisions. This in turn has saved us a huge amount of time.”
Danny Dedroog
Purchasing Manager | Van Oirschot

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