“With Slim4, I can complete my processes far more quickly”

We ask Paulina Moreno, Supply Chain Planner at Kupfer, to describe a typical working day, her main responsibilities, and her experience with Slim4 and her aspirations for the future.

What is your role within the company?

My role sits within the supply chain area and encompasses all five of the areas that our business is involved with (steel, iron, cables, industrial security, welding and hydraulics). One of my most important tasks is to find ways to optimise our approach to supply and operations management in order to reduce the inventory and to maintain a high-quality level of service.

What does a typical day look like?

With the insight provided by Slim4, I always use the first part of the day to ensure that the master data is correct. I also verify the stock levels, demand movements and the general functioning of the software. After this, I meet with the purchase analysts and, using the previous inventory requirements as a basis for decision making, we prepare proposals for the required transfer of articles to different branches. Depending on the stock rotation, amongst other things, we also redistribute stock as and where required. Furthermore, I work together with the purchasing team to validate the need for extra orders. Finally, along with the sales team, we coordinate solutions for any potential challenges that may be on the horizon.

Whats the impact of Slim4 on your day-to-day job?

With help from Slim4, I can now complete the processes I do far more quickly thus increasing productivity. With the old system, tasks typically took too long to complete as the system was both complicated and not as user-friendly. Further to this, the system required the use of other external solutions in order to debug the data. With Slim4, we are much better positioned to make decisions as the information is always available and in order. This, in turn, allows us to dedicate more time to our internal and external customers.

What is your biggest challenge?

My challenge is to continue to optimise the supply chain. This means finding ways to reduce stock, make smarter purchases and reduce unnecessary man hours as well as everyday mistakes. To achieve this, however, every business area must be fully integrated with the new system.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I hope that the company continues to embrace this kind of forward thinking technology. It would also be great if the analysts increased the amount of time they dedicate to working with Slim4, in order to ensure it is the principle tool for the efficient management of stock.

I’m integrating the software more and more into my daily routine. A big part of this is about understanding the system in greater depth, including the configurations that enable us to fine tune the system to the specific requirements of each business division. Furthermore, I hope to build on my professional skills such as leadership, teamwork and any other skills that will help me to be more prepared to deal with new challenges and professional projects.

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