Slimstock mission and vision

Our vision is that "winning supply chains can adapt quickly to changing circumstances. They are not only cost-efficient but also very agile".

Our mission is to share our knowledge and experience with our customers. Aiming to make them outperform on inventory optimisation. We believe that, especially in today’s environment, a winning supply chain is a requirement for survival.

The key to our success lies in the combination of us having both the knowledge and the experience. We translate theoretical findings to practical solutions and expert advice. The experience we gain by talking to our customers every day is used directly.  It helps the improvement and further development of our software and services.

With a unique and passionate team of inventory specialists, we continuously strive to innovate, create, motivate and inspire.

Our mission is simple:  We, Slimstock, want to make our customers outperform with our software Slim4.

Our vision further elaborated

  • The value of software lies in its potential to help people make better decisions and work efficiently. If this potential is realised, it is valuable software.
  • Automate daily recurring tasks to free up time for the effective resolution of unexpected issues.
  • ERP software is the robust backbone of a company. It is developed in stable repetitive environments, in order to capture administrative tasks in 1 system. It is not designed to cope with the dynamics of your everyday's business. Therefore 'Best of Breed' software solutions should be added to your backbone.
  • We call ourselves specialists because we have optimised the stock of more than 1000 companies and we keep on getting more experienced every week.

Slimstock Worldwide

We have customers in 50 countries. 

In 21 countries, we have our own office and our own team of experts with a lot of experience and knowledge about inventory, supply chain, and logistics. Feel free to contact our team in Singapore.

Solutions to help your business thrive and grow

Slimstock offer many solutions that can help your business today.