Supply chain consultancy & analysis

Supply Chain consultancy and analysis will help your company to achieve excellent results. At Slimstock, we believe that you deserve excellent employees who will achieve excellent results. As a result, we consider it our responsibility to transfer our knowledge and experience to help our customers realise their full potential. Take advantage of our extensive real-world industry experience and discover how you could improve the performance of your supply chain operation.

Why work with Slim4 from Slimstock

  • Gain an outside perspective from experienced industry professionals
  • Identify issues to determine a structured improvement plan
  • Adopt industry best practices within your organisation

Support of our experts

With the support of our expert consultants, your business can improve. Improve both the efficiency of day to day processes as well as the quality of information systems. Thanks to our relevant knowledge and experience of your specific industry challenges, our coaching programs will improve the performance of your employees as well as the organisation as a whole.

Interim Professionals

With our Slimstock Interim Professionals service, you can be confident that we are always on hand to support your organisation. Whether it regards a specific project, the realisation of changes, or temporary support with (operational) tasks. Our consultants can join your team on-site to help support a range of activities including buying, planning, and inventory management.

Analysis focus areas

  • Analysis of master data
  • Assortment analysis
  • Supplier analysis
  • Strategic inventory analysis
  • Collaboration within the supply chain
  • Spend management

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Erik de Witte

Erik de Witte

Operations Director SEA at Slimstock

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Erik helps distributors, manufacturers, and retailers in a number of vertical markets make better use of their inventory investment with the incorporation of technology.

Solutions to help your business thrive and grow

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Slimstock offer many solutions to help your business thrive and grow. Let Slimstock guide you.


Slimstock offers companies the complete solution for the structural optimisation of their inventory.

Direct Results

We only offer our Slim4 software to companies when we are absolutely positive on a return on investment.


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