Slim4 for the wholesale industry

Are you active in the wholesale industry and looking for an inventory management solution which can help your to reduce excess stock and simultaneously improve product availability? With our software Slim4, we are able to help any wholesale business to gain greater control over their stock while simultaneously benefiting from efficiency improvements. As a result, businesses can reduce inventory levels by up to 30% while still achieving the service levels customers expect.

Wholesale benefits

With Slim4 we are able to help wholesalers with:

  • Reduce backorders by up to 60%
  • Reduce inventory levels by 10-30%
  • Improve efficiency of the planning team by up to 50%

Service level driven wholesalers

Availability is everything for the wholesale industry. However, given the risk of obsolescence and the cost of holding stock, excess stock that comes as a result of poorly aligned service levels will have a hugely adverse impact on a wholesalers profit margins. Simultaniously, it unnecessarily ties up valuable working capital. As a result, it’s vital that wholesalers focus their investment where it is required most.

Automated forecasts for wholesalers

In order to generate a reliable forecast for every single item within the wholesalers assortment, planners require clear insight into future demand. Factoring in the impact of trends, seasonality, promotions and volatility. Our inventory management software, Slim4, has been developed over the last 25 years to enable wholesalers to achieve the most accurate forecast possible. Using a range of academically verified forecasting methods, Slim4 automatically generate forecasts for up to 95% of the assortment. Improving the efficiency of your inventory planners significantly.

Management by exception for wholesalers

Rather than spending time finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, ‘Management by Exception’ ensures that supply chain planners are directed to take action where it is required most. Slim4 prevents firefighting through helping supply chain teams to proactively identify and resolve unexpected inventory issues before they can have an impact. All designed to put wholesalers back in the drivers seat when it comes to control their inventory. 

Erik de Witte

Erik de Witte

Operations Director SEA at Slimstock

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Erik helps distributors, manufacturers, and retailers in a number of vertical markets make better use of their inventory investment with the incorporation of technology.


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