Spare Parts: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

To remain responsive to customer demand, many businesses in the services sector cover a large footprint encompassing national and regional distribution centres as well as a large number of local branches and trade counters. However, with highly localised demand patterns, without clear visibility over the entire network, businesses can be subjected to excess stock and availability issues as items are stocked in the wrong location.

With the multi-echelon inventory optimisation capabilities of Slim4, businesses can benefit from gaining a holistic view of inventory across the entire network. Through taking into account the inventory situation and anticipated demand for each location, supply chain teams can strategically allocate the optimal level of inventory to each location. In turn, results in increased availability while the overall investment in inventory decreases dramatically.

Results of optimise your Spare Parts Operation with Slim4

  • Make your inventory work harder through improving stock turn
  • Improve efficiency by up to 50%
  • Achieve service levels of up to 99%

Erik de Witte

Erik de Witte

Operations Director SEA at Slimstock

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Erik helps distributors, manufacturers, and retailers in a number of vertical markets make better use of their inventory investment with the incorporation of technology.

“With help from Slim4, we’ve decreased our inventory from $42 million to $36 million.”

Corporate Manager of Supply Chain Operations