Better inventory management will help grow your manufacturing company

Do you encounter difficulties by managing your manufacturing inventory? Would better inventory managing help grow your company? Are you lacking insights into the required stock levels to guarantee a smooth manufacturing process? Slimstock’s inventory management software is a great fit for any manufacturing company.

Unlike wholesalers manufacturing companies have to deal with three types of inventory in their manufacturing process:

  • Raw material inventory
  • Work in process inventory
  • Finished goods inventory

Often the demand for raw materials can be derived from the demand of finished goods. However when customers are not only able to purchase the finished goods but also the raw material. As a result, the process becomes much more complex. Manufacturing companies have often both dependent as well as independent demand, creating complexity in the supply chain. As inventory specialists we understand that availability is very important in manufacturing companies. Primarily because raw materials should be available in sufficient quantities to guarantee a smooth manufacturing process.

With our manufacturing inventory management software, we are able to help any manufacturing company. We do not only generate reliable forecasts so you are able to anticipate on future demand. But also calculate the optimal batch size, take into account bill-of-materials, while simultaneously making sure you do not end up with understock or overstock situations. Furthermore, we make sure you can easily keep track of your stock across multiple manufacturing and warehouse locations.

Determining your CODP

Determining your customer order decoupling point (CODP) is essential in manufacturing companies.

Does your manufacturing company operate in a make-to-stock environment?  It is vital that your planning team can rely on accurate forecasts to anticipate future demand. Since it will not only ensure the right items are produced to meet the customers' demand. But also allows you to purchase the required components in time to be available for production.

Likewise, if your manufacturing company is underpinned by make-to-order model, an accurate estimate of required parts and components is essential to satisfy consumer demand promptly. In both scenarios, Slim4 is an instrument in enabling you to strike the balance between inventory costs and availability!

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“With help from Slim4, we’ve decreased our inventory from $42 million to $36 million.”

Corporate Manager of Supply Chain Operations

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