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Segmentation Secret Supply Chain Design

Segmentation: The Secret to Great Supply Chain Design

Tuesday 06-12-2022
12:30 ET
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Segmentation: The Secret to Great Supply Chain Design

What constitutes great supply chain design? And how do you achieve it?

Gartner defines Supply Chain Segmentation as “Designing and operating different end-to-end value chains (from customers to suppliers) optimized by a combination of unique customer value, product attribute, manufacturing and supply capabilities, and business value considerations.”

Supply Chain leaders struggle to balance efficiency, growth, and rising complexity. As a result, supply chain executives divide the end-to-end operating model of the supply chain into segments which simplifies determining the right service levels, working capital and cost.

Join us on Dec 06 at 12:30 pm ET as Sandeep Walia, Danny Bloem and Thomas Doyle discuss how segmentation can help companies design great supply chain that run at multiple speeds

Join the session to learn:

1) Using Supply Chain Segmentation to deliver your Customer Value & optimize your Cost-to-Serve.

2) Designing supply chains in accordance with your product segmentation

3) Aligning your goals with the correct type of segmentation


Meet Your Speakers

Danny Square 1

Danny Bloem

Supply Chain Consultancy Manager


Thomas Square

Thomas Doyle

Senior Consultant


Sandeep Walia

Sandeep Waila

Chief Transformation Office