How can you construct a more robust forecast?

How can you construct a more robust forecast?

Demand Forecasts

6 step guide to significantly increase the quality of your forecasts

What steps can you take to improve the accuracy and relevance of your demand forecasts?

Given the volatile nature of demand coupled with the influence of seasonality and ever-evolving product lifecycles, developing a robust forecast is often fraught with difficulty.

To help you increase the quality of your forecasts, we have put together a simple 6 step guide. Written by Slimstock’s inventory & forecasting expert, Steven Pauly, this guide is designed to help you overcome the following challenges:

  • checkChoosing the right forecast procedure
  • checkIdentifying the cause of forecast error
  • checkAccounting for evolving product lifecycles
  • checkTaming the bullwhip effect
  • checkMaintaining the responsivness forecast
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