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Planificarea precisă a cererii Previziuni solide pentru luarea eficientă a deciziilor

Cu ajutorul tehnologiei Machine Learning și AI, Slim4 ajută echipele de supply chain să elimine presupunerile din planificarea cererii.

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Îmbunătățirea nivelului de serviciu

“Inventory levels have been decreased by up to 40%, releasing over €800,000 of cash. Given that we have also been able to hold off moving warehouse for at least ten more years, Slim4 has given us the freedom to invest in new products and markets- something which would not have been possible with our ERP alone.”
Danny Niijboer
CEO | NewCakes BV
“Within just one year, the stock level had to be reduced by at least € 1 million and we had already increased the OTIF rate by 12%. The whole demand planning process is far less time-consuming. Therefore, we can do significantly more work with fewer FTEs.”
Angelique van Geest
Supply planner | Dorc

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