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exion asia slimstock

Exion Asia Selects Slimstock As Their Partner For Inventory Optimisation

Exion Asia, a leading engineering company and provider of flow control solutions, has chosen Slimstock’s Slim4 software to help…

23 Jan 2018


Nedac sorbo group

“There’s so much more to gain from Slim4″ – Nedac Sorbo Group

Slimstock ask Nick Brouwer, team leader Supply Chain and user of Slim4 at the Nedac Sorbo Group, five questions: What’s his role?…

8 Jan 2018



“Noteboom continuously improves their procurement process”

Fabian Viel and Pascal van den Berg, two Material Managers at Nooteboom, a Dutch manufacturer of trailers for heavy road transport…

4 Jan 2018


sappi europe

“Slim4 gives us much greater transparency over our stock usage” Sappi Europe

With 7 mills, 14 sales offices and 5,100 employees, Sappi Europe is the leading producer of coated fine paper and also a…

3 Jan 2018


Supply Chain Collaboration

Supply chain collaboration | S&OP

While the sales team may expect consistently high levels of availability in order to satisfy customer demand, the finance team are…

29 Dec 2017 S&OP + IBP


Reduce Waste

Waste reduction: The proof’s in the pudding

Tackling the growing mountains of waste created as a consequence of poor supply chain practices is a top priority for the food…

28 Dec 2017 Inventory Optimisation


promotions management

Promotions management: Time for a fresh approach?

Promotions management has always presented retailers with a dilemma: a huge headache but an unavoidable reality of modern…

28 Dec 2017 Demand Planning & Forecasting


Success 2021

How can you ensure a pain-free 2021?

After the year that was 2020, no doubt everyone is looking forward to the new year. But as Brexit and Covid continue to disrupt supply chains, what can you do now to help your business flourish in 2021?

25 Nov 2017 Allocation & Replenishment


supply chain analyst

Young Professional interview: “Every day is different at Slimstock and this is what motivates me.”

Slimstock places a huge focus on developing up and coming talent: a key part of which is the company’s Young Professionals…

14 Nov 2017


production planning

Tour de Supply Chain: Wholesale & Distribution

With the Tour de France approaching, team GB continue to insipre cyclists all over the UK. With team GB’s triumph in the last…

9 Nov 2017


supply chain positions

“Slimstock has always provided me all the support I require to advance within my role.”

As Europe’s leading inventory management specialist, Slimstock’ supply chain positions place a huge focus on developing up and…

8 Nov 2017


Supplier Closures

Whitepaper: a comprehensive guide to managing supplier closures

How much money should you invest in your inventory to cover this volatility? How much will this cost your business? And, exactly how long will your valuable working capital be tied up for?

6 Nov 2017 Supply Planning


george east

George East set a new benchmark for all future improvement projects with Slimstock

The business behind some of Britain’s leading kitchenware brands including Tala and ChefAid, has established a new benchmark by…

20 Oct 2017


production planning

Production Planning | S&OP

When it comes to production planning, there are many factors that influence the overall production plan. Using the growth of the…

20 Oct 2017


roper rhodes

Roper Rhodes set to bathe in supply chain success with Slimstock

To help maintain and improve their market leading availability across their stylish range of bathroom furniture products, Roper…

20 Oct 2017



Vegware caters for global growth with Slimstock partnership

After extensive research into the market, Vegware, the award-winning manufacturer of eco-friendly catering disposables, has this…

20 Oct 2017



Flowtechnology UK achieves a more fluid operation with Slimstock

To keep up with continuous growth and spiraling complexity, the UK’s largest distributor of fluid power products,…

20 Oct 2017


Slimstock Charity

Slimstock’s Erik De Witte joined Pimp my Tuk-Tuk charity ride 2017

This year, Slimstock took part in the Pimp My Tuk-Tuk (PMTT) Charity ride to raise money for the Foundation of Goodness (FOG). 54…

13 Oct 2017


slimstock retail topics magazine

Supply chain is becoming increasingly important at Intergamma

Intergamma – with 385 stores throughout the Netherlands and Belgium – has significantly expanded its private label range over…

12 Oct 2017


Retail Online Shopping

Increase responsiveness to achieve online success

Despite double-digit annual growth in the e-commerce market, only a handful of retailers have profitable online activities. There…

12 Oct 2017


moonen packaging

Slimstock Academy takes Moonen Packaging to the next level

Over the last 12 months, the supply chain department at packaging wholesaler, Moonen Packaging, has recently completed one of…

5 Oct 2017


stena line

Stena Line chooses Slim4 for inventory management

One of the world s leading ferry operators Stena Line has decided to implement Slimstock’s inventory optimisation solution, Slim4…

29 Sep 2017


drive products

Drive Products replaced popular software with Slim4 for better results

Since 1983, Drive Products has supplied truck mounted equipment for commercial vehicles from operations across Canada. By…

29 Sep 2017



Carrefour takes control of the replenishment of their 630 stores with Slim4

The Turkish branch of the Carrefour supermarket chain, Carrefour S.A., has recently implemented Slimstock’s inventory management…

28 Aug 2017


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