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Our inventory goals have become far more achievable

Andreas paulsen

Slimstock ask Patrik Ohm, Purchasing & Inventory Management at Andreas Paulsen GmbH, five questions: What’s his role? What does he do on a normal day and what impact has Slim4 had on the business? What’s his biggest challenge at the moment? And what are his ambitions for the future?

What is your role within the company?

My role as inventory manager was created alongside the implementation of Slim4. I am one of six planners within the Paulsen group and every planner is responsible for managing certain suppliers. However, I am also responsible for coordinating the integration of Slim4 and I am the main internal contact person for all topics around both Slim4 and optimisation processes.

What does a typical day look like?

I use Slim4 to ensure the availability of goods from my suppliers and to schedule individual customer orders. Furthermore, managing any changes which impact the stock also comes under my remit.

What’s the impact of Slim4 on your day-to-day job?

With Slim4, daily scheduling only takes up to about an hour a day of my time. In addition to this, I spend around four hours a day checking certain article groups and stock exceptions as well as supporting the rest of the team.

What impact has Slim4 had on a day-to-day basis? What would you do if you didn’t have Slim4?

The biggest and most impressive change we have seen since implemented Slim4 is the shift from paper forms to paperless planning. This has given us a significant time advantage! Scheduling has become much clearer and far more transparent. Through a combination of the parameters we established within Slim4 as well as through utilising standardised purchase orders, our inventory goals have become far more achievable.

What’s the main inventory related or operational challenge/goal in your work?

The biggest challenge is to ensure a maximum level of service with the lowest possible inventory! There is always room for further improvement. The next goal for me is to dig more deeply into Slim4 in order to harness as many analysis and improvement opportunities as possible. Due to the variety of suppliers, there are still many ways to adapt Slim4 for our individual requirements and simplify purchasing processes even further.

What are your ambitions for the future?

The field of inventory management is incredibly wide and Slim4 represents only a small area for me. Given that we now have 54 locations, as we continue to grow we’ll always be facing new challenges and processes in the future.

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