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In line with changes to our global socio-economic climate, real household spending in the UAE is anticipated to contract by 3.3% in 2020, with consumer trends expected to shift focus towards essential commodities and FMCG. While this may provide some peace of mind for supermarkets and grocery retailers, understanding and adapting inventory, based on demand will become an even more crucial mechanism in maintaining high customer service levels, while minimising operational costs and maximising revenues.

At Slimstock, we understand there is more to inventory management than a robust supply chain, which is why we’ve invested a significant amount of time and research into producing our Slim4 solution; an AI-led inventory management platform that leverages data analytics and forecasting algorithms based on POS transactions to accurately predict demand, while dynamically reacting to real-time consumer behaviour. This means that goods can be accurately managed across all supply chain nodes, helping to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

In understanding the flow between distribution centres, local warehouses and retail stores, major retailers such as Carrefour and Spinneys have already felt the benefits of integrating Slim4, which has significantly helped to accurately measure consumer demand, thereby supporting their inventory management processes and enhance their competitiveness.

Through Slim4, we give FMCG retailers the high-level visibility required to understand their stock levels at every step of the way, while ensuring greater control over their supply chains; all of which results in a reduction in expired goods and overstocked items, while adjusting inventory to meet any changes in demand.

Key advantages as seen from our food and grocery retail clients:

  • AI and data-driven purchase orders, reducing the potential for human error
  • Accurate demand forecasting, ensuring customer retention and acquisition
  • Increased stock visibility, enabling greater inventory flexibility
  • A significant reduction in waste by thoroughly understanding demand
  • Higher levels of customer service, resulting in positive feedback and referrals
  • A reduction in warehouse storage levels and waste management costs
  • Active product expiry management, removing the false perception of excess stocks

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