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Published in Blog - 16 April 2018

The secret to good forecasting?

Thanks for asking, but it’s classified... Demand Classification is a systematic, logically founded method of ascertaining and clustering the characteristics of sales history into groups, before applying the most appropriate forecasting techniques automatically. Classification enables a significant improvement in forecast accuracy with significantly less effort and is lightyears ahead of the traditional ‘pick best’ approach.
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Cash is King Published in Blog - 12 April 2018

Is Your Business Trapped In Cash Flow Hell?

The time to expand your business is now “As levers of financial management go, none bears more weight than working capital. The viability of every business activity rests on daily changes in receivables, inventory, and payables.” -S.L. Mintz Whether selling a revolutionary product or essential service, the challenges of gaining access to the working capital
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A method for creating more reliable forecast Published in Blog - 10 April 2018

6 Ways To Remove Uncertainty From Sales Forecasts

An Adage For Improving Forecast Quality A sales forecast represents many things in business, but is most universally understood as the pulse of a company. From an operations perspective, a forecast lets the supply team anticipate and quickly respond to changes in customer demand, and helps manufacturing and distribution companies optimize inventory levels, minimize stock-outs and
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Future Demand Published in Blog, News - 09 April 2018

Have you been bitten by the Chinese dragon?

A lesson in managing supplier closures Every year, China witnesses one of the largest human migrations in the world, as the nation’s workforce put-down tools and return to their home town’s to enjoy the Chinese New Year celebrations. Factories across the country close shop for up to 40 days while businesses across the rest of
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Whats-driving-your-availability Published in Blog - 06 April 2018

What’s driving your availability levels?

Do you have enough stock to meet demand? Do you have too much? How can you ensure your service level targets satisfy the expectations of the business while still keeping investment in stock under control? Can establishing more appropriate service levels actually help boost margins? For stock-holding businesses, availability is everything! However, while the commercial
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Published in Blog - 05 April 2018

That’s a lovely long tail you have!

The ultimate assortment conundrum From prangs and punctures to general wear and tear, every car endures a lifetime of hardship. To prolong the life of these vehicles, a sophisticated aftermarket spare parts industry has taken off. Although Billions are spent every year on automotive parts and components, businesses operating in this sector face intensifying pressure
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