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Infographic: summer closures

Infographic: summer closures

Supplier Closures Img

Sun, sea & stormy supply chains

Supplier closures are disruptive at the best of times. However, as your suppliers down tools to enjoy a well-deserved summer break, your business could become dangerously exposed to lengthy lead times, delays and even stock outs. What can you do to maintain a harmonious operation during what could be an extremely volatile time for your organisation?

Contrary to popular belief, Mediterranean countries are not the only ones where it is common for factories to close down at some point during the summer: for Suppliers based in Germany, France and even the UK, there is a good chance their operations could be brought to a standstill for a least a couple of weeks. Furthermore, unlike other factory closures periods, the summer season can last for several months and suppliers can shut down at any point throughout this time. Consequently, the potential impact of summer supplier closures cannot be understated!

From aligning purchase decisions with the business objectives to actually executing the purchase orders with suppliers, a whole host of factors have to be accounted for when planning for a supplier closure.

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