Vídeo: «Las medidas de la Comisión Europea para la recuperación y el crecimiento sostenible en tiempos de Coronavirus»


Ya puedes ver el vídeo con la intervención completa del Director General Adjunto de la Comisaría de Transporte de la Unión Europea (DG Move), Matthew Baldwin, en el IV Congreso de Innovación Logística.

Abriendo el apartado de ponencias, Matthew Baldwin dio a conocer las medidas clave de la UE destinadas a preservar el funcionamiento de las cadenas de suministro en el espacio común europeo y garantizar el funcionamiento del mercado único.

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Algunos mensajes destacados del Director General Adjunto de la DG MOVE - Comisión Europea:

"Let me first acknowledge and thank you in industry for everything you have done during this crisis. I don’t need to tell this audience just how hard transport and logistics has been  hit by the crisis. I cannot stress enough the importance of the whole logistics chain and the role that you have played"

“There is one very important policy document that we are currently working on that is our new, comprehensive Strategy on Sustainable and Smart Mobility which will come out before the end of this year. The actions it contains will be designed both to promote sectoral recovery and support implementation of the European Green Deal. And last but not least, to remind all Member States and market players that the essential principles of the Single Market still very much apply. If anything they are were more important than ever”