Webinar | Tactics for operational excellence in retail: The 4 ‘P’ Principle

Slimstock invites you to attend the webinar "Tactics for operational excellence in retail: the 4 'P' principle"

This FREE event is aimed exclusively at CEOs and senior leaders in logistics, operations, finance, purchasing & planning who are interested in improving demand forecasting and inventory optimisation.

In this webinar, retail supply chain expert, Will Severn, will reveal 4 critical tactics to optimise inventory in complex retail environments. Focusing on suppliers, replenishment of stores, transfers between as well as the most-pressing omnichannel challenges retailers face today, this exclusive online event will explore the following points:

1. From ordering from supplier to replenishing stores: How do I manage these logistics flows?

2. In-store assortment management: how can I maximise product sales thru (without relying on promotion)

3. Transfers between stores: when and how?

4. The omnichannel challenge: Is my company ready?

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