4.9 webinar

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On Friday 18th September at 10am BST, our team of expert consultants are hosting a webinar which will focus on the latest version of Slim4, the Web Client. The 1-hour session focused on areas including:

  • The new user interface which will empower the users to be more efficient
  • Overview of the new functionality and what is included in the roadmap
  • The bespoke user To-Do list which focuses on daily tasks depending on urgency and priority
  • The improved and dynamic KPIs which offers easier monitoring of your companies’ assortment and performance
  • How you can slice and dice your assortment into specific groups and articles

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If after the webinar you are keen to learn more, we would answer any specific questions you may have by contacting Jenny Lowrie - j.lowrie@ Slimstock.com

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