Why add slim 4 to your ERP software?

ERP systems are the solid backbones of companies. They are designed to handle day-to-day business in a stable environment. Optimising stock in dynamic environments , based on agreed customer service levels, is not part of ERP design principles. An increasing number of stock holding companies have come to the same conclusion.

Organisations favour Best-of-Breed add-ons

erp integration

Gartner research reveals that many organisations have combined their ERP systems with best-of-breed add-ons. This research also shows that the use of best-of-breed solutions is more common in aggressive types or organisations, compared to more conservative organisations.

Slim4: zero risk implementation on time and budget

Combining Slim4 and ERP software is based on simple interfaces and zero implementation risk. Projects are carried out with a fixed price for implementation, and on average slim 4 is up and running within 3 months.

SLIM4 integrates with all existing ERP systems