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Inventory Management with Slim4

Developed through 25 years of real-world application, our inventory management solution, Slim4, has been designed and built to help you break through your supply chain obstacles in order to achieve your corporate objectives. Focused on forecasting, demand planning and inventory optimisation, Slim4 helps supply chain teams to maximise customer satisfaction & profitability by achieving the perfect balance between working capital, operating costs and the optimal service level!

Businesses depend upon reliable forecasting and demand planning as the foundation for effective supply chain decision making. However, given the wide range of factors that must be taken into account when developing a reliable forecast, many companies simply lack the necessary knowledge to develop a solid plan. Our forecasting and demand planning solutions automatically calculate the impact of different demand profiles, emerging trends, seasonality and volatility of demand in order to build a robust forecast for every item, in every location, within your assortment.

To maintain consistently high levels of service while keeping supply chain costs under tight control, supply chain teams must strike the right balance between availability and capital invested in the inventory. Through providing businesses with the right insights, our inventory management solution ensures supply chain teams order the right stock, at the right time, into the right location. As a result, hundreds of businesses around the world depend on Slim4 to maximise customer satisfaction while minimising excess stock and supply chain costs.

Even seemingly small inventory management decisions can have a deep and far-reaching impact on the wider organisation. As a result, it is vital that supply chain tactics perfectly align with both the supply chain objectives and the corporate vision of the organisation. Our tactical supply chain solutions enable companies to bridge the gap between their strategy and their execution by providing them with the level of visibility and control required to ensure that decisions and inventory management processes are executed effectively and to the benefit of the rest of the organisation.

To ensure a harmonious operation, supply chain teams must be perfectly coordinated with the wider organisation. However, even then, an organisation can only ever be as effective as its weakest link. To build stronger supply chain partnerships both internally and externally, Slim4 provides businesses with one true vision of the inventory position. As a result, our customers become better positioned to harness more effective S&OP processes as well establish more collaborative relationships with suppliers, customers and colleagues.

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