Food Retail: effective inventory management

Customers measure your success by the freshness of the products you sell. However, maintaining high levels of availability while simultaneously eliminating waste is a constant battle for businesses across the food industry. Given that customer demand only the freshest produce and expect a huge amount of choice, it’s vital that businesses find the balance between customer satisfactions and cost control.
With the advanced forecasting and daily planning capabilities of Slim4, you can achieve the on-shelf availability that customers expect while simultaneously minimising excess and waste.


  • 50% reduction in avoidable fresh waste
  • On-shelf availability improvement up to 99.9%
  • 15-20% reduction in inventory costs

Responsive inventory management

With the inventory management solution, Slim4, the focus is on reducing excess stock & therefore waste across the business. Through improving forecast accuracy and establishing a dynamic buffer stock based on anticipated daily demand, supply chain teams can determine exactly when to place an order & how much to order.

Maximising on-shelf availability through daily planning

Maximising on-shelf availability has a direct impact on sales and perhaps more importantly: customer loyalty. However, holding excessive levels of stock can quickly result in waste, especially for items with short product shelf lives. Slim4 helps businesses anticipate demand on a day to day basis with greater accuracy, taking into account the expiration date of individual items as well as fluctuations in demand.

Optimised replenishment

Through considering local demand fluctuations, seasonality and emerging trends, Slim4, optimises inventory at both DC and branch level. Slim4 calculates the optimal order level at both an article and branch level on a daily basis ensuring businesses achieve the desired service level for each item as fulfilling any requirement for presentation stock. Thus, businesses can reduce the number of out-of-stocks by up to 50%.

Minimised Inventory costs

Through utilising the EOQ capability within Slim4, food businesses can minimise logistics costs while taking full advantage of price breaks. With Slim4, daily orders are adapted to the current demand patterns, drastically reducing the risk of overstock and almost completely avoiding out or stocks. Through optimising orders and delivery schedules, businesses can automatically fill trucks to capacity and thus, reduce both firefighting and pressure on the inbound logistics team.

Flexible promotions & events management

Our inventory optimisation tool automatically calculates the sales uplift during such periods in order to better in order to better prepare your operation for promotions and seasonal events such as Easter and Christmas. Through using a specific forecast as a basis, retailers can ensure that the right level of stock is available in a timely manner to cover demand and minimise excess at the end of an event or promotion.

Customer Case Study: Spar

Discover how Spar tool control of their inventory processes with Slim4 to achieve the following results:

  • Increase customer service levels to 99.5%
  • Optimise product shelf-life to cut waste
  • Considerable improvement in stock turn

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