free up working capital

Event: free up working capital!

As the lifeblood of every business, even the most profitable of organisations depend on working capital to fuel future growth. However, for many businesses an overwhelming proportion of this invaluable financial resource is locked up in inventory. But what can you do to release invaluable working capital back into the business?

Free up your working capital today!

Inventory is a necessary evil: put simply, you can't live without it! However, through effective inventory management, business leaders and supply chain teams can boost profitability, enhance cash flow and focus investment of working capital where it matters most!

In this breakfast briefing event, we will explore how you can optimise your approach to forecasting, demand planning and purchasing to deliver huge improvements in availability and customer satisfaction; all while minimising the investment of working capital in stock:

- Eradicate excess stock
- Utilise demand classes to take control of your entire assortment
- Optimise inventory levels
- Maximise the ROI on your investment in stock

Join us for a complimentary breakfast as our expert consultants demonstrate how you can apply tried and tested industry best practices to free up working capital in your business and turn profit to cash:

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