Bas Parts

BAS Parts has a large stock of truck and trailer parts. The stock includes complete cabins, engines & gearboxes, but also smaller parts like body panels or lights. We are specialized in parts of Volvo, DAF and Renault. But within our assortment you will also find parts from other respected European brands.

  • CLIENT BAS Parts
  • YEAR 2010

BAS Parts increases service level by 5%

With their diverse range of activities, managing the stock at EXA Holding, better known as BAS Parts, was an extremely complicated task. In order to gain greater control over their inventory whilst simultaneously increasing the service level, the company decided to implement Slimstock’s software solution, Slim4. Within just a few months, the service level increased by 5% to over 98%. Furthermore, the inventory value was reduced by 100,000 euros while the turnover continued to increase.

As part of their Global Truck Concept, BAS Parts strives to offer everything required to fulfil the needs of the transportation operatives. Their extensive offering encompasses everything from new Volvo and Renault trucks to used parts, after sales support and training as well as leasing solutions and financial services. These activities are executed by independent companies both nationally and internationally. “While the diversity we offer is ideal for our customers, managing the aggregated stock requirements across all of the subsidiaries is a highly complicated undertaking,” explains Ronald van der Vlist, Parts Director.

With their highly diverse range of SKUs, the business is exposed to extensive lead times which vary considerably. To add further complexity, the Global Truck Concept is highly customer focused: “As a consequence, our inventory management processes are completely different from wholesalers or retailers; the parameters of our assortment are not as easily defined”.


  • Service level improvement of up to 5%
  • An additional 300,000 Euros in revenue every year through greater availability
  • Greater control over the entire assortment

Hugely diverse stock

The organisation has 3 million SKUs, 75,000 of which are kept in stock. In total, these active items are worth around 6 million euros to the business. “As a result of continued growth, the inventory has also had to increase. However, given that our assortment also includes a considerable amount of irregular items, it was impossible to manage the growing assortment manually,” explains Van der Vlist. In order to regain control, BAS Parts decided to implement Slimstock’s inventory optimisation solution, Slim4. “With this tool, we also hope to increase our service level. After all, our people must not focus their valuable time managing inventories; they must focus on our customers,” adds the Parts Director.Before implementing Slimstock’s inventory management solution, Slim4, the planning team relied upon their existing ERP solution to develop simple forecasts. While this enabled Nick and his team to anticipate demand, they simply could not see the influence of trends or seasonality on demand. Furthermore, there was also no way of flagging exceptions in the demand history. “With Slim4 the forecast is based on real numbers and as a result we can anticipate demand with far greater accuracy,” states Nick.

Increased service level with less effort

All fourteen locations have now been using Slim4 for a number of months. “We are already starting to notice improvements. For example, the pressure has been reduced and it now requires far less effort to improve the service level”. Although the service levels were not measured in the past, Van der Vlist estimates that the service level has increased by at least 5 percent. Furthermore, obsolete stock has been reduced while the inventory value has decreased drastically; all while the turnover continued to grow.

As highlighted by Van der Vlist, there is still room for further improvement: “Slim4 calculates better than any person in the world and takes into account all relevant factors into its order proposals. Considering the complexity of our situation, we simply cannot operate without this. While the inventory requires far less effort to manage, we now have full control over our assortment, our investment in stock and the service level. Van der Vlist goes on to conclude: “I am convinced that Slim4 generates at least 300,000 Euros of additional revenue annually.”

“Slim4 calculates better than any person in the world and takes into account all relevant factors into its order proposals."

“I am convinced that Slim4 generates at least 300,000 Euros of additional revenue every year.”
Ronald van der Vlist - Parts Director | BAS Parts