bathroom webinar

Bathroom webinar: Is it time to scrub-up your approach to inventory management?

The bathroom sector is a fiercely competitive marketplace. To stay ahead, providing an exceptional customer experience is everything. However, with spiralling product assortments, huge seasonal fluctuations in demand, complex product lifecycles, Brexit uncertainty and inconsistent Supplier performance, supply chain teams really have their work cut out for them when it comes to satisfying customer demand.

So how can you optimise your approach to inventory management to provide your customers with the levels of service they deserve?

Tap into your potential

colin wardIn this special bathroom webinar, Colin Ward, an inventory expert with over 20 years of experience in supply chain management outlined 5 top tips to improve the performance of your business.

During this concise webinar, Colin addressed the following challenges:

- What products should you stock?
- How can you build a trustworthy demand forecast?
- How can you determine the perfect levels of availability?
- How can you optimise product lifecycles?
- How can you overcome seasonal fluctuation in demand?
- How do we plan for interruption in supply eg. Supplier Shutdowns & possible Brexit uncertainty?