assortment management masterclass

Assortment Management Masterclass

7th November | Redditch -

In response to customer demand, many businesses have exploded their assortment to encompass thousands upon thousands of items. Unless managed effectively, however, the scale and complexity of assortments can easily spiral out of control. The question is: what steps can your business adopt to take control and maximise the profitability of every product within the assortment?

Make more informed assortment decisions

Businesses go to great lengths to ensure that customer orders are fulfilled as quickly and as efficiently as possible. However, an essential step to ensuring effective inventory management is in choosing the right assortment. After all, there is little point in investing time, money and effort into products where there is simply no demand!

Our assortment management masterclass which took place on 7th November 2018 demonstrated how you can bring more science to your assortment management processes. This 1-day masterclass highlighted how you can gain greater insight into your assortment and thus make better assortment decision with a specific focus on the following:

- Making stocked/ non-stocked decisions
- Understanding the impact of product lifecycle
- Improving the performance of the assortment
- Minimising the risks around holding large assortments

This masterclass is intended for Slim4 customers. The event was designed to engage both tactical level planners and members of the management team who are responsible for determining the assortment as well as employees who support the management team when making these decisions.