Processes, KPI's & Reporting

Do you manage people who use Slim4 and would you like to use the tool to monitor KPIs? Sign up for our processes, KPI & reporting training programme, and learn how to gain more valuable insights and report with the help of Slim4.

Why take this training session?

Learn how data can be measured, interpreted and then used as the basis for improvement.

Learning goals


  • Understand how business process contribute to overall business results


  • what should I measure and why?
  • How should the data be interpreted?
  • What will be the response from the organisation?


  • Not only understand the values of KPIs but also understand the details
  • Glean useful information from data
  • Create your own reports as well as for the wider company


The training will take place over 1 day. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and lunch are provided.

Format of the day

  • What data is available?
  • What processes do we recognise?
  • Reporting in excel of BI tools


This training is designed for tactical managers who want to understand the facts. As a result, knowledge of statistics is key to this training.


Slimstock UK HQ,
Grosvenor House,
Prospect Hill, Redditch,
B97 4DL


The cost for this training is £550 excl. VAT per person including teaching materials, coffee/tea and lunch.

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