Segmentation Management Masterclass

Do you currently segment your assortment? If so, how?

What criteria should you use to segment your assortment? What best practices should you implement to optimise your entire assortment? How can slim4 support you with this?

In times when competition is fierce and customer satisfaction is key, you need to focus your time and resource on the items that need it the most.

This segmentation master class will teach you ways to better manage your assortment and outline where Slim4 can lend a hand.

For this masterclass, tactical knowledge and an understanding of your business goals is required.

To form a judgment on the assortments assortment based on results of various analyses.

Understand the composition of the assortment and the influence of product categories on stock management.


The training will take place over 1 day.
Coffee, tea, soft drinks and lunch are provided.




The cost will be £550 excl. VAT per person including teaching materials, coffee/tea and lunch.

2020 Dates

July 9th 2020

November 10th 2020

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