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Founded in 1993, Slimstock is the market leader in inventory optimization. With more than 850 customers worldwide, our inventory optimization solution, Slim4, helps businesses improve customer service while simultaneously minimizing inventory levels, supply chain costs and inventory costs.

2017› today

Slimstock launches new office in UAE

The new location perfectly complements Slimstock’s ‘global service, local support’-strategy. The inventory management specialist is active in 40 countries with branches in 20 countries across Europe, Asia, North and South America. Van Dijk: "After the opening of our regional office in Singapore last year, Dubai was the ideal base to serve our customers throughout the Middle East and Africa.


Slimstock celebrates 20th Aniversary

During our 20 year anniversary Slim4 processes 20 million SKU per hour. New offices were opened in São Paulo, Peru, and Colombia.


Academy & Top Talent Programmed launched

Start of the top talent program and Slimstock Academy. New offices were opened in Germany, India and Turkey.


Slimstock opens its doors in Chicago and Toronto

Slimstock opens its doors in Chicago and Toronto. Slim4, version 4.4 is released, processing over fifteen million SKUs in one hour.


Slim4 calculates 5000000 SKU / hour.

Slim4 now calculates 5000000 SKU / hour. The Slim4 Blade Technology, developed by Slimstock, has the ability to calculate the optimal inventory level for every stock point within the supply chain, this is an essential piece of technology especially for global spare parts networks and retail chains.


Slimstock launches the Slim4 Retail Platform

Slimstock launches the Slim4 Retail Platform. Through the knowledge and experience from Slimstock Retail there is now the ability to serve the broader market. Slim4 can now efficiently support all retail customers and optimize the entire supply chain. 2007 also saw the first Slimstock Summer School being organized, this was the basis for the current Slimstock Professionals.


Slimstock goes international

Slimstock goes international with the first foreign branches being in France and Spain. Slimstock now boasts a European wide network, with every major European country hosting a branch, as a result customers can be supported in their local language.


Slim4 entered the market for the first time

Slim4 entered the market for the first time as a standard inventory solution. Product development moved from the Netherlands to England.


Slimstock was founded

Slimstock was founded by Rolf Pflitsch and Eric van Dijk. The objective was to identify problems surrounding inventory and find relevant solutions and practices to result in inventory performing at an optimum level.


“With help from Slim4, we’ve decreased our inventory from $42 million to $36 million.”

Corporate Manager of Supply Chain Operations

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