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Unify your sales and forecasting teams with BANTER Published in Download - 21 November 2019

Remove Forecast Uncertainty with BANTER

Improve Forecast Accuracy by Uniting Your Sales and Supply Chain Teams Creating an accurate and reliable forecast that keeps service levels high without tying up too much working capital is the goal of every forecasting and supply chain team. Working against them is the ever-present threat of uncertainty caused by forecast errors. While it's not possible
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Inventory Allocation Published in Blog, Download, Retail, Wholesale - 27 August 2019

Inventory Allocation: How Retailers Can Find the Perfect Balance

Retailers face a real conundrum. On one hand, everything from the costs of raw materials to commercial retail space is always getting more expensive. And on the other, customers can quickly check dozens of options for any purchase so retailers must ensure that their traditional brick and mortar stores add value to the overall shopping
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Slimstock's guide to ABC / XYZ Analysis will help you make sense of your inventory and order more efficiently Published in Download - 15 August 2019

Slimstock’s Guide to ABC/XYZ Analysis

Slimstock’s guide to making sense of your inventory and how much to order using the ABC / XYZ Analysis framework Working for a small business often means your office is in a spare room or garage, and ordering can be done by simply looking to see what inventory you’re low on. However, once you begin
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Published in Download - 17 April 2018

The EOQ formula from theory to practice in 7 steps

Owning, maintaining, and managing inventory costs a lot of effort and money. However, you need to have enough in stock to deliver customer service: no inventory, no deal. This paper provides you with the basic knowledge you need for the optimization of your order quantities. Ordering the right quantities will lower your operational expenses while
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Published in Download - 16 April 2018

Fully Optimize Your Working Capital Management

Working capital fuels your business, but it can be easily eroded. The more inventory you have in stock, the less working capital you have available. Further, the higher the risk that that inventory will become dead stock, meaning it will never contribute to your bottom line at all. Utilizing a structured approach to your working
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Inventory Optimization Published in Download - 05 April 2018

That’s a lovely long tail you have!

The ultimate assortment conundrum From prangs and punctures to general wear and tear, every car endures a lifetime of hardship. To prolong the life of these vehicles, a sophisticated aftermarket spare parts industry has taken off. Although Billions are spent every year on automotive parts and components, businesses operating in this sector face intensifying pressure
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