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Inventory Allocation Published in Blog, Download, Retail, Wholesale - 27 August 2019

Inventory Allocation: How Retailers Can Find the Perfect Balance

Retailers face a real conundrum. On one hand, everything from the costs of raw materials to commercial retail space is always getting more expensive. And on the other, customers can quickly check dozens of options for any purchase so retailers must ensure that their traditional brick and mortar stores add value to the overall shopping
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Monthly or Weekly Forecasting Which one is right for you Published in Blog, Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale - 03 July 2019

Monthly vs Weekly Forecasting

Which forecasting method is best for your business? The goal of Slim4 - Slimstock’s inventory optimization software – is to predict the future. Specifically, how much of an item you’ll need to meet customer demand. Predicting the future is hard work even using historical data. With our ever more interconnected world, the number of data
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Header Picture How to Tell You've Outrgrown Excel Published in Blog, Technology - 30 May 2019

5 Ways to Tell You’ve Outgrown Excel

How to know when your business is ready to upgrade from spreadsheet forecasting and ordering For many business folks, Excel is synonymous with demand planning and ordering inventory. It’s often the go-to choice because of its familiarity and seeming ubiquity. There’s a good chance that the computer you’re reading this article on right now has
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3 Ways Excess Stock Can Put The Brakes On Your Profits Published in Blog - 07 May 2019

3 Ways Excess Stock Can Put The Brakes On Your Profits

If you're rolling a new hybrid CUV off the assembly line or chrome-plating exhaust tips for the aftermarket, the automotive industry runs on parts. In 25 years of working with manufacturers and distributors, we know that demand planning and inventory optimization are evergreen topics in the auto industry. Reducing excess stock can be a major
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Optimize your inventory by trimming excess stock Published in Blog - 12 April 2019

4 Steps to Trim Down Your Excess Inventory

Excess stock is bad for business. It takes up valuable warehouse space and costs you a lot of money while it becomes obsolete. And, 10% of the items in your warehouse will never be sold, according to Slimstock inventory analysts. These items are unlikely to bring in revenue, so why are you holding on to
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Use Slimstock's revised EOQ formula to find optimal order quantities Published in Blog - 11 April 2019

The EOQ Formula: From Theory to Practice in 7 Easy Steps

Unraveling the Secret of Optimal Order Quantities How to Use Slimstock’s "Economic Order Quantity in Practice" Model to Optimize Inventory In 7 Easy Steps  Inventory is unavoidably one of the largest single assets on your balance sheet. In the manufacturing industry, around 37% of total costs are inventory, while for retailers and wholesalers they are
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